Schedule of leases granted for Period—1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010

Under Section 238(d) of the Planning and Development Act 2007.

LesseeDistrict /
and Act
Land AreaAuction Direct Sale Counter SaleMarket Valuation
(excl. GST)
(excl. GST)
The Uniting Church of Australia (ACT) Property TrustGungahlin292S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20074,168m2Direct sale$400,000Yes$57,3901
The Australian Outward Bound FoundationTharwa128S163 Land (Planning
& Env) Act 1991
1.097haDirect sale$8,000.00Yes$400.001
The Australian Outward Bound FoundationTharwa129S163 Land (Planning
& Env) Act 1991
3.052haDirect sale$24,000.00Yes$1,200.001
The Salvation Army (New South Wales) Property TrustGungahlin291S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20075,000m2Direct sale$300,000.00Yes$6,144.501
Canberra Estates Consortium No. 22 Pty LtdMacgregor115224S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 200735.7609haDirect sale No$18,636,363.642
TRE Data Centres Canberra Pty LtdHume2320S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 200712.66haDirect sale No$5,273,000.002
The Uniting Church of Australia (ACT) Property TrustStromlo-66S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 200710,559m2Direct sale$350,000.00Yes$0.002
Canberra Society of Model & Experimental Engineers Inc.Symonston10618S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20075.945haDirect sale$350,000.00Yes$3,000.00(minimum rent)2
Homemakers Pty LtdFyshwick8310S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20072,203m2  No$500,000.002
ACTEW Corporation LtdStromlo-502S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20074,925m2Direct sale$165,000.00No$181,500.002
Dominic, Olga & Frank DeMarcoCharnwood9545S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20071,470m2Direct sale$948,864.00No$1,043,750.402
Land Development AgencyForde142S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 2007   No$14,318,181.822
Capital Business Park (Holdings) Pty LtdMitchell4720S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20073,259m2Direct sale$520,000.00No$572,000.02
Capital Business Park (Holdings) Pty LtdMitchell4721S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20073,044m2Direct sale$490,000.00No$539,000.002
Acton Developments (ACT) Pty Ltd & Acton Investments (ACT) Pty LtdCity246S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20073,200m2Direct sale$12,750,000.00No$6,815,700.00 (plus offsite works)2
CRD (No1) Pty LtdCasey15 & 13S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 200721.9haDirect sale No$8,272,727.272
Australian National UniversityCity216S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 200724,000m2Direct sale No$1,993,395.003
The Girl Guides Association of New South WalesSpence213S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 2007664m2Direct salenot applicableYes$0.003
ACTEW Corporation LtdStromlo-505S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 2007847m2Direct sale No$1,993,395.004
AJ Butler & ID ScougallHume618 & 19S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 200714m2Direct sale$3,640.00No$3,640.004
C3 Church Watson IncWatson952S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20077,500m2Direct sale$1,000,000.00Yes$74,045.004
Village No 6 Pty LtdWatson7511S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20072.8546haDirect sale$4,212,000.00No$4,212,000.004
Beaconsfield 8 Pty LtdFyshwick838S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 2007   No$1,675,000.004
ACTEW Distribution Ltd & Jemena Networks (ACT) Pty LtdBelconnen-1625S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20072.859haDirect sale$450,000,00.00No$450,000.004
Bruce 8 Consortium Pty LtdFyshwick836S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 2007   No$1,400,000.004
Bruce 8 Consortium Pty LtdFyshwick837S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 2007   No$1,400,000.004
Network Development Group Pty LtdFyshwick853S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 2007   No$1,400,000.004
Parsa Investments Pty LtdFyshwick835S238(1)(d) Planning & Dev Act 20076,000m2  No$1,300,000.004