6 September 2018 - Letter to ORAG - parking and traffic study - Block 25 Section 31 O'Malley (HTML)

O’Malley Residents Action Group
c/- Dr Joe Hlubucek and Ms Suzanne Vidler

Email: omag2018@gmail.com

Dear Mr Hlubucek and Ms Vidler, for the O’Malley Residents Action Group

New Parking and Traffic Study for Block 25, Section 31 O’Malley

In response to community feedback earlier this year on the initial traffic and parking assessment for this site, a new traffic and parking assessment has been commissioned.

The proposed scope and methodology of the new assessment responds to the concerns you and other members of the O’Malley community have raised.

The new assessment will:

  1. Review existing parking and traffic conditions in the area, based on new parking and traffic data collected over a two week period (outside of school holiday period). This will include:

    (a) traffic volumes on:

    • Numeralla Street
    • Pindari Crescent
    • Taronga Place
    • Kareela Vista
    • Ngunawal Drive

    (b) intersection performance at:

    • Ngunawal Drive and Kareela Vista
    • Kareela Vista and Numeralla Street
    • Numeralla Street and Pindari Crescent

    (c) on-street parking on:

    • Numeralla Street
    • Pindari Crescent
    • Taronga Place
    • Kareela Vista
    • Coreen Place
  2. Evaluate the likely impact on traffic and parking conditions, both on the site and in surrounding streets, of three possible future use scenarios for the site - a childcare centre, a health facility, and a community activity centre (which are high, medium and low traffic generation scenarios).
  3. Identify whether the existing on-site car park is sufficient for each scenario.
  4. Identify any safety issues arising from on-street parking, and if so how these could be addressed.

Whilst the study will consider a range of possible development scenarios, based on the uses permissible within the Community Facilities Zone, this does not indicate a pre-determined outcome.

Given your interest and knowledge of this site, we would welcome your input if you believe anything further should be included in the study or other changes made to the scope as outlined above. Please contact Garry Travis, Project Manager, by 21 September 2018 if you would like to share any feedback on the scope for the new traffic and parking assessment. You can contact Garry at Garry.Travis@act.gov.au or on (02) 6205 2630.

Once the draft report has been prepared, we will share this with you for further feedback. I anticipate the draft report should be available later this year.

Ben Ponton

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

6 September 2018

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