Affordable Home Purchase database

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The database lists the type and location of affordable homes. You can register your interest against one or more of the available options. Eligible applicants are matched with affordable homes as they become available.

How it works



The ACT Government sets the annual housing targets and sites are identified for development

Annually in June

Development sites are identified on the Affordable Home Purchase database

Annually from June

Development sites are sold to builders/developers by the Suburban Land Agency, with affordable housing targets in sales contracts

Throughout the year

Builders/developers submit draft plans of the proposed dwelling type to the ACT Government

As required by the contract between the developer and the ACT Government

The ACT Government contacts people who have registered their interest in the type of dwelling identified in the draft plan. They are invited to become an Eligible Applicant.

Within a week of receiving a copy of the approved plans from the builder/developer

Interested people apply to become an Eligible Applicant*

Within 14 days of being contacted. If further information is required to confirm eligibility, it must be provided within 30 days of request

Eligible Applicants receive confirmation of eligibility

Within 1 week of registering and confirming eligibility

Builder/developer notifies the Suburban Land Agency when Development Approval is complete

Within 1 week of completing the Development Approval process

Eligible Applicants are entered by the Suburban Land Agency into a ballot for the compatible affordable housing product

Within 1 week of finalising the Eligible Applicant list and the granting of Development Approval

The Suburban Land Agency runs a ballot for the affordable housing products within the development

Within 1 week of receiving all entries in the ballot

The Suburban Land Agency provides the builder/developer with contact details for the successful applicants from the ballot

Three (3) days after the ballot

The builder/developer contacts the successful applicant to arrange the exchange of contracts**

Within 3 weeks

The builder/developer builds the affordable housing product

Approximately 2 years, to a maximum of 4 years

Settlement occurs between the builder/developer and the successful applicant occurs when the development is complete

On completion of the development

* Successful applicants are encouraged to seek independent legal and financial advice at this point.
** Successful applicants will need to have arranged finances at this point.

More information

Phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81, email or submit an enquiry online.

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