What is the Demonstration Housing Project?

The Demonstration Housing Project is testing and showcasing how we can best deliver a compact, sustainable, accessible and active city through innovative planning, design and delivery.

The Demonstration Housing Project responds to an ACT Legislative Assembly resolution passed in June 2017, which asked the ACT Government to engage with the community and industry stakeholders on how to deliver demonstration housing proposals that showcase best-practice in one or more of the following areas:

The Demonstration Housing Project is closely aligned with the Housing Choices project, concurrently being undertaken by the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate. Recommendations from the Housing Choices Collaboration Hub, a deliberative democracy process of 37 individuals, helped to develop the evaluation criteria for Demonstration Housing Project proposals.

The lessons learnt from the Demonstration Housing projects will inform the Housing Choices policy.

Why are we doing it?

Increased housing choice is an integral part of the ACT Government's priority for urban renewal that creates viable, safe and attractive communities.

Canberra is continuing to evolve and change – we are experiencing population growth of 7,000 people per annum (equating to 16 people in 6 new homes each day) and is one of the fastest ageing capital cities in Australia.

In addition, the ACT Government has committed to:

The social, environment and economic changes that Canberra is experiencing is an opportunity for us to rethink how housing is designed and delivered to ensure that it suits the needs of a range of people at different stages of their life; incorporates best-practice sustainability measures; and delivers density in a way which respects our Garden City character.

Demonstration Housing projects will offer a ‘hands on’ opportunity to test the effectiveness of different housing types through real examples and future review through post-occupancy modelling. The lessons learnt from the Demonstration Housing Project will inform future government policy and Territory Plan changes, which is hoped will encourage and support improved housing choice and housing quality in Canberra.

More information

Email the Demonstration Housing Project team at DemonstrationHousing@act.gov.au.