How is the Demonstration Housing Project different to the Housing Choices  project?

The projects are closely aligned.

The Housing Choices project is a policy project, investigating how government can better meet the housing needs of our residents, now and into the future. Its aim is to introduce more flexibility to the planning system to enable more housing choice and encourage the kind of quality residential buildings that our community wants. Community consultation occurred throughout 2017-2018, and proposed changes to the Territory Plan is currently being explored by EPSDD. The Housing Choices Collaboration Hub helped to develop the evaluation criteria for the Demonstration Housing Project.

Demonstration Housing is the delivery of a range of different housing types not currently available in Canberra. Its aim is to showcase and test these ideas. The successful delivery of Demonstration Housing projects will help inform the Housing Choices policy work, and future changes to the Territory Plan.

Will there be community engagement?

Yes. There will be a number of stages where the community can have their say. Each proponent is required to undertake their own pre-development application community consultation. The size and scale of this consultation will vary, depending on the project, however may include drop-in sessions, letter box drops, presentations to community councils etc.

There will also be the formal statutory process of the development application and Territory Plan Variation where the community can make a submission.

Why are these good locations to deliver Demonstration Housing?

During the Housing Choices and Planning Strategy Refresh community engagements, government heard that people want more housing choice, and in particular the option to age in place. Delivering demonstration housing throughout different areas of Canberra is important in providing housing choice, and to ensure these exciting and innovative housing types are provided in a range of locations throughout Canberra.

During the Demonstration Housing evaluation process, each proposal was evaluated against a set criteria including context and neighbourhood character. This is to ensure all projects respond to the existing character of the area.

Will the ‘without a site’ proponents choose the land they want to purchase from government?

The Demonstration Housing project team is identifying suitable Territory-owned land that will meet the location request of proponents, and that also matches the size, scale and type of housing proposal. Some projects will only be offered one site, while others may have the option to choose between two. However a proponent is only able to purchase one block of land for their development. It depends on the availability of Territory-owned land.

Is it guaranteed that the proponents’ development application and Territory Plan Variation will be approved, since they’ve been through this process?

No. Demonstration Housing projects must go through the regular DA and Territory Plan Variation statutory process and assessment, like any other development or Territory Plan Variation proposal.

When will construction begin?

This depends on each proponent. Noting the Territory Plan Variation process takes between 12-18 months, the earliest construction could begin for any project would be the end of 2020.

Will there be another round of the Demonstration Housing Project?

There are no plans for another round of Demonstration Housing projects at this stage. The first set of Demonstration Housing projects need to commence and be tested first.