In Loco - O’Connor

In Loco - O’Connor

Artists impression of the completed dwellings as described on this page

In Loco is a three dwelling development designed for people to age in place or for people with higher mobility needs.

The In Loco model is a joint development partnership between architect, builder, landowner and financier. The concept was inspired by stories of ageing landowners who have lived in their single residence for many years, who want to downsize in their local neighbourhood but have found it difficult to find a home that suits their needs. The current landowner will downsize into one of the new dwellings.

All dwellings are designed to meet accessibility standards and will have an energy efficient rating of 7 stars or more.

The development will be built by a highly experienced builder and family member of the landowner. Currently obtaining their degree in architecture, the builder has worked with the architect on the design of the proposal.

The site layout of In Loco – O’Connor is designed around an existing mature Eucalyptus tree and will feature vegetated green carport roofs.