Artists impression of the proposed building from the street

Stellulata is a small co-housing model, consisting of 3 modest dwellings and 1 common house to be shared amongst the residents. The common house will be a shared space, allowing residents to gather, enjoy shared meals, entertain, or to accommodate a guest. The grounds will have a communal vegetable garden and barbeque area, together with private open space for each dwelling. A private shared electric vehicle system means the development is only proposing two car spaces.

Stellulata stems from a group of recently retired friends who now wish to downsize and age in place. Together with the assistance of their architect, they have planned a small co-housing community where they can support each other, share resources to keep costs low and to minimise their ecological footprint.

Stellulata hope for this housing typology to be replicable, and be made available for people of all ages who enjoy a small co-housing lifestyle.