Evaluation Criteria - Stage 2

Stage 2 - Request for proposal (with a site)

Criteria 1: Demonstration Housing concept

Paying particular regard to and referencing the Legislative Assembly’s Project Objectives listed below, outline why your Proposal is Demonstration Housing. The key question that needs to be addressed is ‘Is this product delivered elsewhere in the Territory? Does it meet a demand? What is innovative about the concept in relation to:

Please note the weighting (indicated by stars) of these objectives has been determined by the Collaboration Hub and reflects the community’s relative value of each of these objectives. They will be weighted accordingly in the assessment.

Criteria 2: Excellence in design quality

Demonstration Housing Projects are required to achieve excellence in design and as such the Proposal will be assessed for design quality. Preliminary Sketch Plans (PSPs) of the proposed development are to be provided.

  1. Context and neighbourhood character
  2. Built form and scale
  3. Density
  4. Sustainability
  5. Landscape
  6. Amenity
  7. Safety
  8. Housing diversity and social interaction
  9. Aesthetics

In addition, the Collaboration Hub has specified:

In responding, Proponents should address how their Proposals address the “Protection of the Garden City” principles and universal design principles.

Criteria 3: Excellence in build quality

The Proponent must detail how they intend to ensure the build quality of all of the works undertaken for the Project.

These details may include but are not limited to matters such as:

Criteria 4: stakeholder and community engagement

Provide a community engagement plan. The Evaluation team will review and consider the suitability of the plan having regard to the nature of the Proposal.