Direct Sales

In certain circumstances, the Government may release land by direct sale, where a lease is offered for sale without going through a competitive process such as an auction. This method of land release may only be considered where an applicant and their proposed use of land meet statutory requirements including relevant eligibility criteria, and can demonstrate a viable business case.

The Strategic Projects and Infrastructure branch of the directorate undertakes the functions associated with managing the direct sale of land processes. The land is prepared and released for sale following Government approval of a direct sale. If you are thinking about making an application for the direct sale of land, it is important that you read the guiding documents set out below in Steps 1 to 4.

The steps 1 to 4 will assist you in preparing a business case as part of your direct sale application and help you determine whether your organisation and proposal meets the requirements of the Planning and Development Act 2007, including any relevant eligibility criteria in the Planning and Development Regulation 2008.

  1. Decide if you should apply
  2. Download the correct eligibility application
  3. Develop your business case
  4. Complete and submit your eligibility application

Please note: the ACT Government has suspended consideration of all new and existing direct sale applications for non-contiguous land to community organisations while the current policy is reviewed. The review is focusing on improving equity and transparency in the sale of land to community organisations while maximising benefits to the whole community from the land.

The application process

  1. Prior to commencing a direct sales application please contact a member of the Direct Sales team through Access Canberra - phone 13 22 81.
  2. Complete the relevant on-line application form:
  3. EPSDD will write to your organisation acknowledging receipt of the application and seeking clarification or further information as required.
  4. Once EPSDD is satisfied that it has enough information, your application will be circulated across the ACT Government giving all relevant Directorates the opportunity to comment on the proposal. If the application is generally supported by the Directorate a request will be made to the Government to make a formal decision regarding your organisation's eligibility to obtain a direct sale of a lease over land from the ACT Government.
  5. Provided that the Government has agreed to the Direct Sale, EPSDD will commence a site selection process (if necessary) and perform the appropriate due diligence, site preparation and valuation procedures that are required to prepare the land for the grant of a Crown lease (either concessional on non-concessional depending on the application) to your organisation.
  6. Once this work has been completed the Suburban Land Agency will send a formal offer of a lease on behalf of the Government to your organisation.

You should note that:

  1. Eligibility for a direct sale of land does not guarantee an offer of a lease.
  2. A direct sale will generally take between 6 months and 2 years to complete depending on the proposal.
  3. Supplying insufficient evidence or incomplete applications could cause delays to the direct sale.
  4. Application fees for direct sale applications are:
    • Commercial Entity Applications $12,054.00
    • Community Entity Applications $ 3,014.00
    • Government Entity Applications $ 3,014.00
  5. Application fees are required on delivery of the application and can be paid by:
    • Cheque made payable to the Suburban Land Agency; or
    • Electronically to the Suburban Land Agency Account (BSB 032 777 – AC 002722), making sure you include your organisation name as a reference.
    A receipt will be sent to you by mail.
  6. Applicants receiving concessional leases are required at settlement to pay for the cost of all site investigation reports (generally between $10,000 and $25,000) undertaken by the ACT Government in preparing the land for sale. These costs must be taken into account in the financial capacity (costs) section of your application.

For questions about the direct sale of land process, including how to apply, please contact a member of the Direct Sales team through Access Canberra - phone 13 22 81.