About the public housing renewal program

The ACT Government’s Public Housing Renewal Taskforce is delivering the biggest upgrade to Canberra’s ageing public housing since self-government in 1989. The program will improve outcomes for public housing tenants and support the renewal of Canberra’s urban areas.

Through the public housing renewal program, the ACT Government will be replacing 1,288 dwellings from multi-unit public housing complexes along Northbourne Avenue and in other areas of Canberra. This renewal will result in a public housing portfolio that better meets the needs of tenants, now and into the future. It allows us to:

  • better support the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our community
  • break down concentrations of disadvantage
  • better integrate public housing and public housing tenants into the community.

New homes will be constructed or purchased across the ACT, ranging from single dwellings to small developments. These homes will be ‘salt and peppered’ in both new and established areas.

Commonwealth Asset Recycling Initiative

Under the Commonwealth Government’s Asset Recycling Initiative (ARI), the sale of the public housing sites prior to June 2019 will attract a 15 per cent bonus payment.

The ACT Chief Minister signed the first Partnership Agreement under the ARI on 19 February 2015. More information on the ARI can be found within the 2014-15 Commonwealth Budget Overview.

Federal Partnership Agreement

Federal Budget overview

In June 2018, a review of the National Partnership Agreement on Asset Recycling (NPA) was commissioned by the Commonwealth Treasurer to assess the degree to which the NPA objective and outcomes were achieved.