Urban renewal is a core priority of the ACT Government and is vital to growing Canberra’s economy and strengthening our community.

Urban renewal is the coordinated redevelopment of urban areas to make Canberra a more prosperous, compact, liveable and sustainable city. It supports increased population density and makes for a more connected city with better places and spaces.

The public housing renewal program is a key part of Canberra’s urban renewal, and will assist in breathing new life into the city.

New public housing in established and new suburbs will add to the housing choices available to Canberrans and boost the economy of local centres. Increased residential densities along Northbourne Avenue will support transformative renewal projects including the light rail system.

The investment in replacement housing will see a greater level of social inclusion and equality. It will also boost economic activity by creating short-term and long-term jobs. Building the new homes will support hundreds of jobs.