The public housing renewal program has improved the quality of the overall public housing portfolio in the ACT, and assisted in reducing current operating and maintenance costs.

The new properties better align with the needs and aspirations of public housing tenants, improving energy efficiency and helping to reduce utility and living costs.

Design features of newly constructed properties include:

  • a six-star energy rating
  • designs that take advantage of natural sunlight and ventilation
  • private open spaces or generous balconies
  • a strong focus on security and privacy energy-efficient equipment and fittings
  • designs that support tenants with a disability and allow ageing in place

Some of the new homes were specifically designed to suit families. Many public housing tenants are getting older or are living with a disability. Liveable or adaptable housing designs were incorporated to ensure some homes are accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Move the slider on the image below to see a 'before and after' comparison between old and new public housing

Original ImageBefore
Modified ImageAfter