'Salt and peppering' is the concept of locating small-scale public housing developments throughout Canberra’s suburbs and town centres. The objective is to support diverse and vibrant local communities and the achievement of positive social and economic outcomes for tenants and the community more broadly.

To achieve this, the Public Housing Renewal Taskforce replaced the ageing public housing dwellings identified under the program with better housing through a mixture of:

When identifying potential sites for public housing a number of criteria were required to be met including being available and suitable for development and meeting tenant needs (for example being close to amenities and services).

Construction of new projects

The Taskforce dispersed new public housing across Canberra in both new and established suburbs. This continued the approach of 'salt and peppering' public housing throughout the metropolitan area.

Development of replacement public housing under the program has been completed in the following suburbs:

Purchasing land and properties

The Public Housing Renewal Taskforce also sourced dwellings by looking to purchase suitable private residential developments to contribute to the public housing renewal program. This supported the ‘salt and pepper’ approach of dispersing public housing throughout Canberra.

The first round of purchasing in 2015, resulted in more than 150 properties being purchased for public housing. The Taskforce issued a second Expression of Interest in early 2016. More information is available on the Expression of Interest page.

Specific addresses of these sites will not be publicly released to give public housing tenants a better chance to integrate into the community, and to continue our approach of ‘salt and peppering’ public housing throughout Canberra in a socially inclusive way.