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Development complete.


The site is bounded by Kathner Street to the north, Percy Crescent to the west and Darwinia Terrace to the east.

See map below.


In March 2017, the ACT Government announced this site for the development of replacement public housing.

The Public Housing Renewal Taskforce has considered feedback from the broader community and has held a number of meetings with representatives from the Chapman community and the Weston Creek Community Council (WCCC), to better understand community views and to refine the design. Summaries of these consultation sessions and meetings can be found under project updates below.


Site investigation

The ACT Government engaged Cardno Pty Ltd to undertake a Site Investigation Report (PDF 21mb) for Block 1 Section 45 Chapman for development.


The Public Housing Renewal Taskforce has responded to community feedback through a number of design changes since the proposal was first announced in March 2017:

  • reducing the number of dwellings from 29 to 20 homes
  • ensuring the central tree is retained with a clear visual axis
  • adjusting the building layout to be ‘duplex’ style rather than townhouses
  • providing access to the site only off Darwinia Terrace, with no access off Percy Crescent


The Development Application was approved by the ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) on 14 February 2018.

Construction commenced in 2018 and completed in mid-2019.

Project updates

15 March 2017 Meeting with the Weston Creek Community Council
15 March 2017 Distribution of notice to surrounding residents
8 April 2017

Consultation session at Weston Creek Community Centre

Chapman design concept

Feedback from community consultation session
12 May 2017 Summary of Chapman consultation group meeting
29 May 2017 Summary of Chapman consultation group meeting
5 June 2017 Summary of Chapman consultation group meeting
27 June 2017 Summary of Chapman consultation group meeting
11 July 2017 Summary of Chapman consultation group meeting
31 July 2017 Revised design concept prepared during consultation with Chapman representatives
8 August 2017 Summary of Chapman consultation group meeting
14 August 2017 Design refined and indicative elevations prepared
21 August 2017 Distribution of notice about Geotechnical and Survey Work to surrounding residents
18 October 2017 Development Application notified
14 February 2018 Development Application approved

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more general information on Community Facility zoning, supportive housing, and the public housing renewal program.

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The site is bounded by Kathner Street to the north, Darwinia Terrace to the east and Percy Crescent to the west. See map above. It is on Community Facility-zoned land, which permits the development of supportive housing.

The Taskforce has identified part of the block for development, which will be subdivided before construction begins.

Residents of aged-care homes have a number of particular access requirements which are different to public housing properties.

Although the site is no longer located in a bushfire-prone area, the Public Housing Renewal Taskforce has ensured that the design of this project is consistent with the recommendations included in the bushfire assessment. This this has included considering external materials and design, being identified as an Asset Protection Zone, including appropriate internal landscaping, having internal vehicle access that supports emergency access, locating new electrical and communication infrastructure underground and providing additional hydrant connection points.

This site is considered suitable for the proposed development as it supports the ACT Government in providing a diverse choice of housing types and locations for public housing tenants.

Each resident will be selected on the basis of their suitability for the development and they may be provided with assistance to prepare bushfire plans and ensure they have access to important contact numbers. Residents of this complex would be treated in the same way as other residents in bushfire-prone areas and will be evacuated if necessary.

Due to the nature of the site, some trees located in the centre of the site will require removal to accommodate the development. No registered tree will be removed. Any trees that are removed will be replaced with appropriate tree species.

Rivett local shops are approximately 750m (or 13 minute walk) from the site and Cooleman Court Shopping Centre is approximately 2.3km from the site. The site is close to ACTION bus stops - 150m to Darwinia Tce and 420 to Hindmarsh Drive. There are frequent services (every 15 minutes in peak time and hourly off peak and weekends with buses to Chapman Shops, Rivett Shops, Cooleman Court, Woden and an express to City. Chapman primary school is approximately 1.6km from the site and Stromlo High School is approximately 2.7km from the site.

The Site Investigation Report which was undertaken found that the proposed development is not expected to have a significant effect on the existing road network.

As part of the public housing renewal program, many tenants will be supported to move home.

Housing ACT and the Public Housing Renewal Taskforce work closely with all public housing tenants to identify the most appropriate replacement housing for each of them, and to develop individual support plans. Some tenants may choose to stay in their current community or to move to an area which better matches their needs and preferences.

The new public housing will be available for all eligible tenants, and will not be limited to those who are moving from the current multi-unit properties.