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The site is located between Mawson Drive to the north and Shackleton Circuit to the south. To the east is a public walkway that connects the two streets.

See map below.


In March 2017, the ACT Government announced this site for the development of replacement public housing.

The Public Housing Renewal Taskforce has considered feedback from the broader community and has held a number of meetings with the Mawson Citizens’ Group and the Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC), to better understand community views and to refine the design. Summaries of these consultation sessions and meetings can be found under project updates.


Site investigation

The ACT Government engaged Cardno Pty Ltd to undertake a Site Investigation Report (PDF 10MB) for Block 29 Section 36 Mawson for development.

In June 2017 the ACT Government engaged Douglas Partners to undertake a Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation (PDF 3.1MB) for Block 29 Section 36 Mawson.


The Public Housing Renewal Taskforce has responded to community feedback through a number of design changes since the proposal was first announced in March 2017.

This design includes the following changes since the proposal was first announced:

  • reducing the number of dwellings from 11 to 8 homes
  • adjusting the positioning of the townhouses within the site to respond to community concerns about privacy
  • adjusting the design so that access to the site is only from Mawson Drive, with no access off Shackleton Circuit
  • providing additional lighting along the pedestrian access route excluding the existing cluster of trees from the development.


The Development Application was approved by the ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) on 9 May 2018. Construction commenced in 2018 and is now completed.

Project updates

15 March 2017 Distribution of notice to surrounding residents
5 April 2017 Presentation to Woden Valley Community Council
10 April 2017

Consultation sessions at Quality Hotel Woden

13 May 2017 Summary of Mawson consultation group meeting
25 May 2017 Summary of Mawson consultation group meeting
31 May 2017 Public Notice distributed advising of geotech work
31 May 2017 Summary of Mawson consultation group meeting
8 June 2017 Summary of Mawson consultation group meeting
22 June 2017 Summary of Mawson consultation group meeting
3 August 2017 Summary of Mawson consultation group meeting
Revised design concept prepared
16 November 2017 Final Landscape Concept Plan provided to Mawson Citizens’ Group
13 December Development Application notified
17 January 2018 Public Notice survey work Block 29 Section 36
9 May 2018Development Application approved

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more general information on Community Facility zoning, supportive housing, and the public housing renewal program.

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The southern end of the block, with the existing cluster of trees, will be excluded from the development proposal. A rehabilitation program for these remnant trees on the southern portion of the site will be implemented, including weed control. Landscaping of the proposed development will also use complementary species.

The cluster of trees on the southern part of the site will be retained. Some other trees may need to be removed.

The driveway will be on Mawson Drive.

There will be no access to the back fences of some existing properties where the new properties are being developed, however the cluster of trees on the southern part of the site will be retained.

Yes, the existing footpath located on Block 30 Section 36 will be retained.

Southlands Shopping Centre at Mawson is approximately 500m (8 min walk) from the site. It is 250 metres to an ACTION bus stop with frequent services (every 15 minutes in peak time and hourly off peak and weekends) with buses to Mawson Southlands, Isaacs Shops, Canberra Hospital, Woden, Garran Shops, Hughes Shops, and the City. Mawson Primary (P-6) is approximately 650m (12 mins walk) from the site and Melrose High School is approximately 800m (12 mins walk) from the site.

As part of the public housing renewal program, many tenants will be supported to move home.

Housing ACT and the Public Housing Renewal Taskforce work closely with all public housing tenants to identify the most appropriate replacement housing for each of them, and to develop individual support plans. Some tenants may choose to stay in their current community or to move to an area which better matches their needs and preferences.

The new public housing will be available for all eligible tenants, and will not be limited to those who are moving from the current multi-unit properties nor people with a disability or the elderly.

The Site Investigation Report states that the proposed development will have minimal impact on traffic.