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The site is located between Gornall St, Diesendorf St and Steve Irwin Ave in Wright. The site is referred to as Block 2, Section 29.

See map below.


In March 2017, the ACT Government announced this site for the development of replacement public housing.

The Public Housing Renewal Taskforce has considered feedback from the broader community and has held a number of meetings with the Wright Residents’ Group and the Weston Creek Community Council (WCCC), to better understand community views and to refine the design. Summaries of these consultation sessions and meetings can be found under project updates below.



The Public Housing Renewal Taskforce has responded to community feedback through a number of design changes since the proposal was first announced in March 2017:

  • Building height reduced to two storeys facing Gornall Street, with a one storey element on Diesendorf St
  • Number of dwellings reduced from 32 to 26
  • Limiting access to be off Gornall St only
  • All parking included on site

In October 2017, the ACT Government commenced work on a Territory Plan Variation on Block 1 Section 29 in Wright. The Development Application, which subdivided the site into Blocks 2 and 3, was approved by the ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate on 23 January 2018. There was one appeal to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) lodged in February 2018 regarding the Development Application for Block 2.  The ACAT agreed the Development Application on 6 April 2018 following a successfully mediated outcome.

The Territory Plan Variation process  addressed community feedback about uses for the remaining part of the site (Block 3, Section 29) . As part of this process, acommunity needs assessmentwas prepared. If you have any questions about the community needs assessment, please contact theland release team.


The construction contract was awarded in April 2018 and construction has been completed.

Project updates

15 March 2017

Meeting with the Weston Creek Community Council

Distribution of notice to surrounding residents

8 April 2017 Consultation session at Weston Creek Community Centre
20 May 2017 Summary of Wright Consultation Group Meeting
4 June 2017  

Summary of Wright Consultation Group Meeting 2

3 July 2017 Revised design concept prepared with Wright Residents’ Group and WCCC
20 July 2017

Summary of Wright Consultation Group Meeting and presentation to Molonglo Community Group

25 July 2017 Presentation to Wright community
14 August 2017 Revised design concept prepared
21 August 2017

Summary of Wright Consultation Group Meeting

Indicative elevations showing what the proposal would look like from the street prepared

18 October 2017 Development Application notified
23 January 2018 Development Application Approved
26 March 2018ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) Directions Hearing held
6 April 2018Consent Orders issued following mediation on the ACAT application
20 April 2018Construction contract was awarded to construct 24x2 bedrooms and 2x3 bedrooms adaptable dwellings with 40 resident car parks and landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more general information on Community Facility zoning, supportive housing, and the public housing renewal program.

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No, the site has been subdivided and only Block 2 Section 29 will be developed for public housing.

The ACT Government undertook a Territory Plan Variation (Draft Variation No 358) for Block 3 Section 29. Following extensive community consultation and a Community Needs Assessment, the future use of the subject site is restricted to community purposes only. Any residential purposes (residential care, retirement villages and supportive housing) are be prohibited on the site confirming the land is to be used for community purposes only.

Site access is proposed on Gornall St. As with any development, a driveway is needed so there will be a small reduction in on street parking on Gornall St. On street parking on Max Jacobs Avenue will not be affected by the proposal.

The proposed site is well serviced by public transport. It is close to an ACTION bus stop – approximately 200m along Steve Irwin Avenue. There are frequent services (every 15 minutes in peak time and hourly in off peak and weekends) to Cooleman Court, Lyons Shops, Woden and the City.

The site is close to existing and services. The future Coombs Shopping Centre is approximately 500m (or 8 minutes walk). Cooleman Court Shopping Centre is approximately 2.6km from the proposed development. There is also a future mixed use site diagonally opposite the proposed development.

The site has good access to Charles Weston Primary School- it is approximately 500 metres from the proposed development (10 minutes walk). Stromlo High School is approximately 4 kilometres from the proposed development.

As part of the public housing renewal program, many tenants will be supported to move home.

Housing ACT and the Public Housing Renewal Taskforce work closely with all public housing tenants to identify the most appropriate replacement housing for each of them, and to develop individual support plans. Some tenants may choose to stay in their current community or to move to an area which better matches their needs and preferences.

The new public housing will be available for all eligible tenants, and will not be limited to those who are moving from the current multi-unit properties nor people with a disability or the elderly.

The Site Investigation Report which was undertaken for the site states that the proposed development does not significantly affect the capacity of the surrounding road network.


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