Housing Choices

The Housing Choices project looks at how we can better meet the housing needs of our residents. It aims to introduce more flexibility to the planning system to enable more housing choice and encourage the kind of quality residential buildings that our community wants.

The project used a deliberative engagement process, known as the Collaboration Hub, where 38 randomly selected individuals, who represented a broad cross-section of the Canberra community, were asked to develop policy recommendations to the question ‘Canberra is changing - and there are many different ways our housing needs can be met. What do we need to do?’

These citizens read information, heard from a range of speakers, considered broader community feedback and deliberated to identify 13 recommendations in nine theme areas.


The Collaboration Hub identified 13 recommendations across nine themes.

The Collaboration Hub provided 13 recommendations in the nine themes of Affordability, character, environment, lifestyle and diversity, planning and approvals, public housing, quality of construction, quality of design, zoning.

Next steps

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) is exploring options for making changes to the Territory Plan in response to the Collaboration Hub’s recommendations.

The key recommendations of the Collaboration Hub include: introducing mandatory standards for proportion of soft landscaping and plantable area in RZ3 to RZ5; increasing the mix of dwelling sizes and housing types in all residential zones; and allowing dual occupancy developments with separate title in RZ1.

Any policy changes will be made as part of a variation to the Territory Plan for the Housing Choices project. This variation is anticipated to be released for public consultation in early 2019.

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