Tuggeranong and Erindale Stage 3 consultation

Stage 3 seeks feedback on the draft master plan designs, including the vision, goals and design principles that were revised as a result of feedback from stage 2 consultation.

See the full outcomes report of stage three consultation.

Consultation Stage 3

Seek feedback on the draft master plan for each centre




Community drop-in - Tuggeranong

Tuggeranong Hyperdome

Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 July 2011

Community drop-in - Erindale

Erindale Shopping Centre

September 2011

Tuggeranong Centre drop-in session

When: Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 July 2011
Times: The display was staffed from 10 am-2pm on Tuesday 26 July and 4-7pm on Friday 29 July
Where: The Tuggeranong Hyperdome (near Woolworths)

Erindale Centre and Erindale Drive drop-in session

Many concerns were raised about traffic and parking in the Erindale Centre, particularly around Gartside Street. As a result, the project team recognised that further investigation was necessary and a traffic and parking study is now being completed for the centre.

Stage 3 of consultation will be delayed until the traffic and parking study is completed as the findings will inform further development of the Erindale draft master plan.

Concerns with preliminary ideas which impact on land of the Trinity Christian School were also raised during consultation. The project team is exploring options with the school before progressing the draft master plan.

When: Early September 2011
Where: The Erindale Shopping Centre