Red Hill Integrated Plan


The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) have prepared a Draft Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and Surrounds (PDF 3.6MB) (draft Plan). The draft Plan has been developed in response to a resolution of the Legislative Assembly of 25 October 2017, which called on the Government to:

Have your say

In late 2019 we spoke with community members through a series of drop-ins and a survey distributed through the YourSay Community Panel. We also heard from community members who submitted comments via email.

We are in the process of collating what we heard and will provide an update in early 2020.

Draft Plan – diagram, directions and recommendations

The draft plan considers four possible options for the context area and identifies a preferred option which includes the following recommendations (refer to the map for further detail):

This image outlines the timing and sequence of planning stages and engagement with stakeholders undertaken to develop the draft Integrated Plan for the Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounding areas. The process began in October 2017, when a resolution of the ACT Legislative Assembly resolving that an Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounding residential areas is required. It also called for a considered and integrated approach to planning in the area.  Throughout 2018, the project area was scoped and defined, and initial research was completed including site inspections and the assessment of various ecological, development, land use and traffic issues. Stakeholders were consulted throughout 2018 including government agencies, community councils, local residents’ groups and environmental organisations. Draft findings for the area were identified in early 2019, which prompted further traffic studies and additional ecological research. Draft directions and recommendations were completed in August 2019 and presented to stakeholders. The draft directions will be available for broader community information in late 2019, following which a final plan will be prepared and presented to the Legislative Assembly in early 2020.
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