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25 November 2021

New rules for DA notifications over Christmas and New Year period

Due to recent changes to the Planning and Development Regulation 2008, there are new rules for public notification of Development Applications (DA) over the Christmas and New Year period.

22 November 2021

Think twice during National Asbestos Awareness Week

National Asbestos Awareness week, running from 22 to 28 November, aims to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos and asks Australians to 'think twice about asbestos' when doing home renovations or maintenance.

20 July 2021

A digital evolution for Canberra’s renewal revolution

Are you interested in taking a closer look at some of the exciting and transformational projects in our city centre? The City Renewal Authority has developed a new interactive digital tool, ‘the Precinct Portal’, which will allow users to explore in-depth some of the projects happening in the city, including events, activations and upgrades.

27 May 2021

No transfer of land before settlement

Buyers of land from the Suburban Land Agency will not be able to obtain consent from the planning and land authority to transfer their interest in the ‘lease’ before settlement to someone else.

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ACT Planning Strategy

Planning for a sustainable, competitive and equitable city that is responsive to the future and resilient to change.

Build, buy or renovate

The new website bringing together information for community and industry when building, buying or renovating a property.

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Helping you find the right housing option for you, including public and community housing, emergency and temporary housing, affordable home purchase and rental assistance.

Public Housing Renewal

Delivering the biggest upgrade to Canberra’s ageing public housing since self-government in 1989.


Making Canberra a liveable and sustainable city.

Asbestos Response Taskforce

Implementing a compassionate, safe, efficient and innovative program to eliminate loose fill asbestos insulation from Canberra suburbs.

Backyard Lifeguard

As a community we are all responsible for safety around pools and together we can reduce the risk of children drowning in swimming pools in the ACT.