Vision and themes

Canberra 2045 – sustainable, competitive and equitable

The vision

To be a sustainable, competitive and equitable city that respects Canberra's unique legacy as a city in the landscape and the National Capital, while being responsive to the future and resilient to change.

This vision takes account of the social, economic and environmental dimensions of change. It aligns with the vision for Canberra under the Minister for Planning's Statement of Planning Intent (2015) and other related government policies such as for transport, climate change and housing.

There is an opportunity to review this vision in the future. The Planning and Development Act 2007 requires us to consider every five years whether a review of the Planning Strategy is necessary.

To meet the needs of a growing and changing city, the vision seeks to harness our potential by focussing delivery in five key themes, each representing a policy area.

Compact and Efficient City

Diverse Canberra

Sustainable and Resilient Territory

Liveable Canberra

Accessible Canberra

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