This Strategy is structured around a vision and five themes that articulate the desired outcomes for Canberra. To achieve the vision and themes, 25 strategic directions and 65 actions have been developed to focus implementation and achieve the outcomes.

This Strategy will be implemented through the following opportunities:

Many of the actions under this Strategy rely on implementation through the Territory Plan, the government's key statutory planning document in the ACT. With a review of the Territory Plan scheduled to begin in 2019, the release of this Strategy provides a sound basis for scoping elements of the review.

Annual reporting on this Strategy will occur through the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate Annual Report. This will identify progress on the actions under the Strategy.

In accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2007, consideration as to whether a review of the Strategy is required is made every five years. This enables government to review progress on the Strategy implementation and to consider whether the Strategy requires updating to take account of legislative, social, economic or environmental changes.

The ACT State of the Environment Report is a key vehicle to review and monitor progress towards achieving the five theme areas and corresponding directions and actions. The report is a requirement of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, and the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment Act 1993, and is undertaken every four years, with the next report due in 2019.

Delivering the Strategy

Preparation of this Strategy has been informed by extensive engagement with the community, business, peak groups and government stakeholders.

Successful implementation will similarly rely on a range of stakeholders to realise the vision and initiatives under this Strategy.

Responsibility for delivering the Strategy rests with the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, in consultation with a number of other ACT Government Directorates.

ACT Planning Strategy 2018 - Implementation of strategic directions and actions

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