District level planning

Planning at a district level bridges the gap betweenACT-wide and local area planning and provides anopportunity to build on our existing master plans to deliverthe vision of the ACT Planning Strategy 2018. A districtplanning approach is the vehicle to develop policy, achievecoordination and to implement action at a district scale,allowing for managing growth and change strategicallywithin and between districts. It also provides an opportunityto understand and value the distinctive characters and thestrengths and desired future directions of our districts.

Character is what makes our districts distinctive. It is created by a combinationof the people who live and work within the district, the travel patterns, land,public and private spaces and how they interact to make a distinctive characterand identity as our districts grow and change.

The development of district plans will identify the defining features of eachdistrict, explore what it is that sets them apart from one another and help shaperesilient and strong individual districts in the ACT that together deliver a range oflifestyle choices for current and future Canberrans. The districts of Belconnen,Gungahlin, Molonglo Valley, North Canberra, South Canberra, Tuggeranong,Weston Creek and Woden Valley have been identified for district plans as thereis potential for these districts to undergo the most change over the next 27years. Other districts may be considered in the future, as necessary.

The following pages show key demographic and spatialfeatures for each of these districts and how each districthas a distinctive character.

The district plans will be developed by listening to and learning from peoplewith a vast range of expertise and interests. This includes government staff,social and environmental peak groups, cross border and regional stakeholders,business and industry groups, community groups, young people, culturally andlinguistically diverse people and, importantly, the wider community.

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