Support and education resources are available to help you understand the new planning system. Resources provide information about processes in the new planning system for specific development types. This includes single dwelling, multi-unit residential, dual occupancy, subdivision and more.

Resources include fact sheets, step by step guides, frequently asked questions and process maps. You can access the full suite of support and education resources on the Resources page.


A dedicated hotline is available to answer your questions about the new planning system.

Phone: 02 6205 0580


Training to help you use the new planning system

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) delivered live training from September – November 2023. These sessions were recorded and are now available to view below.

Live training has recommenced for 2024.

Training is suitable for people with different information needs, including industry, interested community members and government.

The live-training sessions provide a deeper dive into the system with practical examples, ensuring that you feel more confident in navigating the new system.

All sessions will be delivered online. To register, click on the suitable time and date corresponding to the session name. This link will take you to the Eventbrite registration page.

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Achieving better design outcomes

This session delves into the details of better design outcomes, exploring innovative concepts, and providing hands-on exercises to elevate participant’s understanding and application of design principles in the planning system. It also includes details around the new City Centre and Urban Design Guide.

Submitting a DA

The Submitting a DA session provides a detailed exploration of the submission process, from document preparation to submission, ensuring that participants feel more equipped around the steps and requirements for a smoother development application.

Dual occupancy subdivisions and RZ1/RZ2

The Dual occupancy subdivisions and RZ1/RZ2 session is a comprehensive look at the processes, regulations and considerations associated with RZ1 and RZ2 blocks, as well as providing valuable insights for dual occupancy subdivision planning.

Understanding the public notifications process

Understanding the public notifications process session equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate public notifications and discuss opportunities to provide feedback for developments.

Implementing the Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design Guide

This session is designed for environmental groups and stakeholders and explores the specific opportunities and requirements related to environmental factors, providing valuable insights into balancing development goals with environmental sustainability.


Understanding the new planning system - introductory session

In this session, you will receive an introduction to the new planning system, including:

  • The new Planning Act 2023
  • District Strategies
  • Territory Plan
  • Design Guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Development Applications
  • Transitional arrangements
  • Where to get help

Welcome to the ACT's new planning system

Presented by Freya O'Brien, Executive Branch Manager from the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, this video provides a brief background and overview of the new planning system, the reason behind the change, and how ACT is moving forward.

Overview of the new development application process

Presented by Brad Maxwell, Senior Director from the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, this video provides a succinct overview of the development application process. For more in-depth training, refer to the Development Assessment Process training video.

Advanced breakout sessions

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