Territory Plan

What is the Territory Plan?

The Territory Plan is a statutory document that guides planning and development in the ACT to provide the people of the ACT with an attractive, safe and efficient environment in which to live, work and play.

The Territory plan is used to:

What informs the policies of the Territory Plan?

A number of ACT policies and strategies inform the Territory Plan. For example, the Territory Plan cannot be inconsistent with the National Capital Plan (NCP). In addition, the ACT Planning Strategy sets out broad objectives for the future planning of the ACT and is approved by the Legislative Assembly.

The Planning and Development Act 2007 (the Act) outlines the object, format, content and review processes of the Territory Plan. In accordance with the Act, the Territory Plan must contain, among other things, a statement of strategic directions which:

This statement is derived from the ACT Planning Strategy and informs the development of rules and criteria for the Territory Plan's development codes.

What can't the Territory Plan do?

The Territory Plan is used to inform the assessment and approval of development applications.

The Territory Plan cannot generally control ongoing management of a development (e.g. hours of operation). This is a matter for other ACT Government agencies.

The Territory Plan rarely prescribes style, colours or other artistic choices of developments. This is a matter for the lessee and market to decide.

Can the policies of the Territory Plan be varied?

The Act sets out the process to review and vary the Territory Plan. The Territory Plan is regularly reviewed to reflect contemporary planning practices, ongoing development and the changing needs of the community.

For more information read Varying the Territory Plan.

What does the Territory Plan contain?

Under the Act the Territory Plan is required to contain the following:

Archive of former Territory Plan documents

See documents that were part of the Territory Plan prior to 31 March 2008. This Territory Plan is applicable for policy matters and assessment of development applications lodged before March 31 2008. The new Territory Plan, which commenced on March 31 2008, is applicable for all new development applications and current policy matters.



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